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Name of the project: Good School for the 21st century (acronym GOS21)

Program: Erasmus+

Key action: School exchange partnerships – KA 2

Project period: 1. 9. 2018 – 31. 8. 2021

Coordinator: Stredná odborná škola, Pod amfiteátrom 7, Levice, Slovenská republika

Budget: (SŠ André Citroëna): 23 070 EUR / 580 000 CZK

Project number: 2018-1-SK01-KA229-046333_3

General project description:

The project GOS 21 responds to the current need to change the content and forms of learning in line with the needs and lifestyle of young people in the 21st century. It offers pupils, teachers and school managers international educational experience and develops their competences necessary for their work and social life. The project supports the mobility of pupils and teachers as a unique source of personal experience and counts with 6 project meetings in 6 partner schools in the course of 2 years. The target groups are secondary school pupils of different age and study orientation, teachers of general and vocational subjects, partner school leaders, students’ parents, members of the local community. Planned number of students involved in the partnership is 80, teachers 40.

The focus of the project activities extends the traditional content of education to new topics such as global view of the world, social, personal and communication competences, environmental, civic, digital, media, technical literacy, healthy lifestyle, and develops the lack of skills and competences of youth such as critical thinking and creative problem solving, teamwork and co-operation, multiculturalism. Tasks in the project are scheduled for students, teachers and school managers and will be presented and implemented during project meetings. Students will prepare presentations  Welcome to our town and school, European Year of Cultural Heritage in our country, Hello! The Saturday full of ideas, Let´s become green !, I am a volunteer. And you?, ICT – our helper or enemy?, Addictions of young people. The presentations will be followed by interactive workshops with interesting tasks. Teachers and school managers will prepare presentations in 6 thematic blocks: School Management, Curriculum, Student´s Development, Teacher´s Development, Social Climate of the School, Collaboration with the Community – to create a modern school for all in the 21st century.

Concrete results of the project will be presentations, videos, photographic material, pupils’ concepts, itinerary from partner countries, questionnaires, demonstrations of folk art, scheme / work sheets, mind maps, news, products, 3D products – posters, posters, methodical sheets, samples of documentation useful in the teaching process, evaluation sheets, questionnaires, description of the technical installation procedure, recipes for healthy meals and drinks, conference proceedings. Spiritual results will include development of cognitive, personal, cultural, civic, communication, digital competences.

Participation in the project implies a broad impact and a long-term benefits for all participants as well as the wider community. For pupils in particular, gaining new knowledge, skills and competences, sharing with peers, improving English skills, tolerance of cultural diversity, experience of international project activities, increasing motivation to study, participating in the project as a benefit and added value to their study.

For teachers, in particular, personal growth, the acquisition of new materials and experience, the implementation of appropriate methodologies and practices in their own teaching and improvement of teacher-pupil interaction.

For school managers, in particular, building capacity for the modernization and internationalization of the school, expand the network of partners abroad,  innovation of curriculum and increasing the quality of teaching, new experience in developing and implementing European projects, improving the image and position of the school in a competitive environment, increasing pupils’ interest in studying in school.

Project realisation:

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